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3907 Cherrywood Road
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Experiencing Italy
April 11-22, 2018

la bella vita


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Overall Experience
This trip met my expectations, I am pleased that I traveled to Italy with Sofia Travel, and I would recommend this trip to others.
How did you feel about the mix of experiences between cultural encounters, historical sites, and self exploration?
How did you feel about the tempo of the itinerary?
Did you find the hotels to be well located and comfortable? Any thoughts about a particular location? Florence: Hotel Degli Orafi San Gimignano: Relais Santa Chiara Montefalco: Villa Zuccari Rome: Hotel Ponte Sisto
Did you enjoy the food? Were you able to try things you wouldn't have on your own? What meals stand out to you? Did you like the variance of group meals vs. meals on your own?
Did you find the historical guiding to be comprehensive and easy to follow?
Were you pleased that you concluded your tour here? Any comments regarding the hotels or activities?
What suggestions do you have for us?
Are you interested in either of our upcoming tours?
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"wow-A!" what a fun group we had