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3907 Cherrywood Road
Austin, TX 78722

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Authentic Greece
May 10-20, 2018


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Harriet's Horses
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Hydra Horse Ride *
While in Hydra, you will have the opportunity to ride a horse (remember, there are no cars on the island!) high above Hydra to visit a working nunnery and potentially have coffee with the two resident nuns. The ride will take about 30-45 minutes each way, the path is rugged and has a couple of steep points, but we'll be accompanied by wonderful, experienced guides. The views are spectacular! The experience will cost approximately $75 per person. Would you like to sign up?
Athens Archaeological Museum *
While in Athens, you'll have the option to visit the National Archaeological Museum, home to the world’s single greatest collection of ancient Greek antiquities. Adam will passionately guide you through the museum and there will be a modest cost ($20-$40 depending on the number of registrants). Would you be interested in signing up for this visit?
If you'd like, we can make a dinner reservation for you on your free evening in Athens. A few spots near the hotel we recommend are: Strofi, Balcony or Point A on the rooftop of our hotel. Let us know what time you prefer to dine out and any other preferences and we'd be happy to get that booked on your behalf.
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