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3907 Cherrywood Road
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Fab 4 Greece Trip

Your personal Greek Experience


October 9-18, 2018

  • Accommodations and transportation for 10 days
  • Exceptional hotels with views from room and daily breakfast
  • Transportation between locations and activities
  • Privately guided tour of the Acropolis and museum
  • Daily suggested itineraries including archeological sites, museums shopping, restaurants and culinary experiences - our family’spersonal recommendations!
  • 24/7 support from Sofia Travel staff while traveling
  • Travel tips including helpful information on language, currency, weather, culture, religion, ordering food, and how to best make use of your time in Greece

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Do you have any particular expectations or desires for this trip? You're guaranteed to enjoy each other's company in a beautiful setting while soaking up the enriching Greek culture, but if there are particular sights you don't want to miss, we can help make sure that happens!