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3907 Cherrywood Road
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Optional Italy Activities

gelato making class

Congratulations, you all passed! Go forth and continue your expert tasting. Let us know if you find any that rivals Sergio's. 




Tour the matchless collections of the Vatican Museums, stand in awe of the Sistine Chapel, and walk through the oppulent St. Peter's Basilica with Adam as your personal guide.

Capri Boat Excursion

Board our private boat and spend the day sailing the cerulean waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea for the best views of the Amalfi Coast. Have lunch on the cosmopolitan island of Capri, shop in picturesque Positano, and visit the beautiful Amalfi cathedral.


Free night dinner in rome

Rimessa Roscioli.jpg


Learn the distinct characteristics of Italy’s regional wines and foods as you taste your way through the authentic flavors of the best artisan producers of Italy selected by world famous Roscioli in this group dinner guided by a professional sommelier.  An unforgettable night spent with people from all over the world!

  • Tasting of 8 wines
  • Tasting of 12 paired foods (artisan cheeses, meats, etc.)
  • A traditional Roman plate of pasta
  • A small homemade dessert

Friday, April 20, 2018
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM

$85 per person


Alternatively, if you'd prefer to dine on your own this evening and would like us to make a reservation for you, email Some of the restaurants we recommend are listed below: 


  • La Buchetta Food & Wine Restaurant (5 minute walk along the Arno River) 
  • Il Santo Bevitore (10 minute walk across the Ponte Vecchio) 
  • Del Fagioli (Traditional trattoria 6 minute walk from the hotel)
  • Ora d’Aria (Michelin starred upscale dining next door to the hotel)


  • Emma | Pizzeria con cucina (5 minute walk from the hotel)
  • Restaurant Roscioli (3 minute walk from the hotel)
  • Osteria der Belli (Seafood and more a 6 minute walk across the Tiber River) 
  • Antico Arco (Upscale, modern cuisine, 18 min. walk from the hotel)